NEW: Watch your step Fritz 1/35


Scenario: Fritz is an German SS-soldier fighting in Estonia late summer of 1944.
Fritz problem right now is that he has walked in a dog poop. This shit smells so he have to remove it, the wounded soldiers sitting around the motorcycle is having a good time laughing at him. The soldiers to the left is discussing the best way of defending the hill that they are ordered to defend.

Name: “Watch your step Fritz”

Scene: WWII, Estonia autumn 1944.

Scale: 1/35

Hetzer tank: Tamiya.

Building: Scratched.

Figures: Warriors etc.

Made by DIOWORK in 2020/2021

YouTube video:

The final result

The mockup and the building

(Some parts of the building was later changed compared to the first mockup)


The figures and the vehicles

The wood fence and the groundwork

-The End-